Setting Up Discount for 3 days on Online Checkout Link


I have setup the Online Checkout Links , now my client wants to add a Discount for 3 days , which will enable user to subscribe for 6 months for certain amount and then back to normal changes.

For example - there is a 3 days Discount offer on $500 month plan , for 3 days it will be $350 for 6 months and then back to $500

How can I do that in Square Dashboard, I am unable to get any option to make such changes.


If this is with the checkout links created in the Square Dashboard you’ll want to reach out to our Customer Success team. This forum is for developers using our APIs and developer tools.

Otherwise if your using our APIs you have a few different options. You can add a discount to the CreatePaymentLink request or create a different subscription based on the new pricing. :slightly_smiling_face: