Second Webhook to the same Event payment.created


I’ve been using the payment.created webhook successfully for some time, and now have a need to set up a second process that also uses the payment.created event.

I discussed this some time ago on the discord group, and If my memory serves me its ok to setup multiple events pointing to different api’s but I would like to confirm.

another question - would the two events work independently? by this I mean having 2 Endpoint (api’s) pointing to the same event payment.created, if one were to be down for any reason (Hopefully not ) only the faulty one would resend.

Hope this makes sence.


Yes, nothing wrong with having more than one webhook with different URLs, but the same events. With that said, I think there’s a 3 webhook limit currently, so you won’t be able to add more than that at this time.

They should also work independently, yes. We would just see it as two different events on our side, despite them both being for the same account. If we couldn’t access one URL, then we would simply do the retries for that specific instance and not any of the others.