RFC3339 dates in "List Payments" API

The “List payments” API call appears to differ from the “List refunds” API call in the date formats it will accept for begin_time and end_time.

If I provide a string like "2022-10-04T22:43:54.886" for begin_time to the List Refunds API call, I get an error with code "BAD_REQUEST" and detail "begin_time must be in RFC 3339 format". (It’s missing the time-offset.)

If I provide the same string for begin_time to the List Payments API call, the call succeeds.

Is this deliberate? I ran into this when the code I was using to generate begin_time and end_time for List Payments failed to work with List Refunds and it appears I’ve been doing it wrong all along…

I was able to replicate this and am checking with the team. :slightly_smiling_face:

Looks like it’s not actually in RFC3339 format. If you add a Z to the end of the timestamp like 2022-10-04T22:43:54.886Z it should work as expected. The behavior with ListPayments is in review cause isn’t not conforming to RFC339 format. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. :slightly_smiling_face: