retrieveTransaction delay for the transaction to exist

Currently using a web app with the " Point of Sale API " and especially today it look like I have lot of delay for the transaction to be available in Square after the Square POS callback my web application.

Usually I directly retrieve the transaction and it work ( if it does not work I have a sleep in the code and try up to 5 times ).

Today I got a lot of " Location XXXXXXXXXXXXXX does not have a transaction with ID `XXXXXXXXXXXXXX " and only after maybe 4-5 second of the redirect I finally have the correct JSON for the transaction.

Am I the only one seeing bigger delay this weekend for transaction to be processed and exist in the Square Backend ?

Thanks, Mathieu

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Delay the Capture of Payments
Point of Sale API Overview

For some transaction I had delay up to 14 seconds to finally be able to have the JSON of the transaction and not an error telling me the transaction does not exist.

As for other transaction, querying for the transaction detail only 1 second after the callback worked correctly !

In November I did not have that much delay like today before being able to get the transaction detail ( needed before I print the custom receipt of my client with his card payment detail )

Have you been experiencing any recent delays in the past few days? :slightly_smiling_face:

I Bryan, currently we are mostly open Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday do don’t really have fresh data from this week since the Christmas souvenir photo booth was close earlier this week.

But on Sunday Dec 3 it was already better ( only one transaction had delay in getting the transaction ) versus on Saturday dec 2 we got 25 transactions that we had delay getting the transaction detail from your backend !

Okay, good to know. Please reach out if it starts to happen again. More then 10 seconds is a bit troubling. :slightly_smiling_face:

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