Require customer to link their card

I run a martial arts academy and use Square to manage my student tuition. I’ve been incredibly happy using Square, but there is one feature that I wish it had:

The ability for me as the vendor to require customers to link their card.

Currently, when I issue a recurring invoice by email, it is up to the customer to decide whether to link their card so that the payment recurs automatically.

Invariably, many of my students don’t link their card. Then, when the next invoice gets sent to them, they’ll often ignore it, or forget to pay it, etc. until I remind them.

I wish that there was an option for me to require the customer to link their card, just like pretty much every other subscription service does.

On any given day I will usually have half a dozen students that are late with their tuition, forcing me to issue reminders. Even after I remind them, often times the invoice remains unpaid for many more days.

This problem would be instantly solved if Square had an option to require a customer to link their card in order to receive the service. It would certainly save me a lot of time I spend every month reminding people

Thank you.

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