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Hi, I’m trying to capture orders using webhooks, but I’m not getting the notifications when i’m order creating using the APIs ?

Hi @AhmedBukhari welcome to the forums!

Can you share an example order_id as well as your corresponding Square application id so I can take a look on my side?

Note that the Order webhooks will only fire for orders created explicitly by the API. For example, you will not get an Order webhook for a payment/order created via the POS application.

Thanks for your response.
We are a delivery company, working with one of the restaurant on platform. The restaurant ( is using your ordering system. My interest is not in payment detail. We have to capture order detail right away its placed by Customers (user placing order). So that my delivery person (driver) can pick order from restaurant and delivery it to customer.
So my question is , when a customer(end user) will place an order will I receive order data through webhook or will webhook provide me order_id at the time of order creation.
I will really appreciate your prompt response in this regard.
Ahmed Bukhari

If it’s created via the Orders API, then yes webhooks will fire (for example order.created) which will have a data field with appropriate fields. In this case, it would contain the id of the order. If the order is being created without explicitly using the Orders API, then webhooks will not fire.

Thanks for the response. One of our mutual customer (BigWigTacos) is using your dashboard through Our requirement is to capture every new order data created on the dashboard developed by you and is being used by BigWigTacos.
Will I be able able to capture new order data created by BigWigTacos on their dashboard in real-time mode (through webhooks), so that my drivers can delivery the newly created order.

I do not know how GoParrot works, so I can’t say for certain. Square did not create the integration, GoParry would have, so if GoParrot is using the Orders API to create the orders, then yes, it will create a webhook that you can listen to.