Regarding Json Schema

Hi while retrieving the json data from Square API , i’ts returning the key: value which has having only data but is the there is any ways to return the the data with full schema like , if value is not present for particular key it should be return as (key:null) or (key:none).

There’s no way to change what data is returned from our APIs at this time. However, if you are using our SDKs, and use the Model response objects, then in theory those fields would be null, I believe.

Thanks…I am not asking to change the data format… while returning the data is there any method to implement in get method as full schema like key: none

Sorry I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking. Are you using one of our SDKs already? If you’re just using our REST API, then since it’s just JSON, there’s no way to do this since you wouldn’t know what keys actually existed (unless you created your own model to do this).

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