Refund the order using square api

  "errors": [
      "detail": "Unlinked refund processing is not enabled for this merchant.",
      "category": "REFUND_ERROR"
``` how we can refund the order in square using terminal api? and square is configure with the odoo17

Hey @zain123! Unlinked refunds are only enabled for sellers who’ve been authorized to use it. You can read more about that and see how to check if a seller is authorized here: Unlinked Refunds

If the seller is not authorized to use unlinked refunds, you’ll need to process the refund by specifying a payment_id in your RefundPayment request.

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@josh-square i am currently using odoo17 and i configure the square api to the odoo point of sale and i want to refund the order with the odoo point of sale how can i do that and which this i need to create a reqfund request for square terminall?

For refunds with Odoo you’ll want to reach out to them. They built all the API functions and will be able to best assist you on how to refund with there integration. :slightly_smiling_face: