Refresh token expiration?


The docs recommend renewing access tokens after 8 days, but the application I’ll be using Square for will renew them as needed by the end user (e.g. End User makes a purchase, software will decide whether to renew the access token at that time before making any API calls).

I’m unable to find anything in Square’s documentation that states whether the refresh tokens expire or if there are any other special conditions to watch out for (e.g. if the access token is expired, does the refresh token still work? or does the refresh token only work during the validity period of the access token?)

A quick googling shows that some oAuth implementations do expire their refresh tokens.

Thanks in advance for your time and expertise!

If the token you’re wanting to be refresh has been expired after a period of time then you won’t be able to refresh the token. I believe it’s 15 days. We highly recommend that you refresh the token as per the documentation. :slightly_smiling_face: