Receipt Questions

Hi all - have a few questions:

  1. Is there a log anywhere that can say if a receipt email was sent? Customer claiming no receipt but “buyer_email_address” field is filled
  2. Is it possible to pass an email address to a terminal checkout? So that a receipt can be sent automatically without having to manually input on device
  3. Is it possible to resend a receipt via the API?

Hey @tre welcome to the forums!

  1. Unfortunately not at this time. You can re-send a receipt from the Square dashboard, though.
  2. No, not at this time. However, if the customer has previously been to a Square seller, and opted for receipts via email, then it should automatically send the receipt to their email without requesting it on your terminal. When they choose that, it’s a global setting across all Square sellers.
  3. No, but the Payments API will include the receipt_url if you wanted to build out logic to show/send it to the customer.

Thanks for the welcome and response… though I was hoping for some more positive answers.

Are there any plans for these features? I would have thought they were fairly fundamental.

Even just adding the “Send Receipt” function to the API would probably suffice (with a toggle for “only send if no auto receipt was sent”)

Totally agree! I will update this to be a feature request. To be clear, you’re definitely not the first person to ask for this feature, and I think it definitely would be handy. I do not have an ETA on when (or even if) it’s coming, though, unfortunately.