Postcode Format

I use the webpayments api on my website.

Our customer support received an email from a client. They have a UK bank card and live in Greece. They put in their payment details, but as they enter the postcode, (5 numbers) it comes up with an invalid postcode (which I think is the javascript validation rather than a response from square API). This is without pressing the pay button. If a UK postcode is entered, it does not show the same error, but obviously, we cannot submit with an invalid postcode.

I phoned square support, and they suggested the customer just entered 0’s in the postcode box however the system doesn’t like that either.

Any ideas on how the customer can submit payment from a UK bank visa card when the address registered on the account is in Greece?

Was there an attempt to process a payment for this card that declined? If so do you have the payment_id for the declined payment so we can take a look into this? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Brian.

Thanks for the reply.

I don’t think it got that far. I think it just failed validation as it was in the wrong format. For example I think it was looking for a postcode in the format PE2 5SH (for example of a UK postcode) compared to what the client input which was a greek postcode (72400). It was more a validation error produced by the SDK rather than a bank decline error.

The problem I am having is that a few of my customers are people who have moved to Europe from the UK to live, have got cards issued by UK banks, but have European postcodes registered with the UK banks, which it seems will not pass the SDK validation, so requests are not even being submitted, instead just validation errors are appearing (I will attach a screenshot for an example). I have deleted out the card number for obvious reasons, but it is a valid UK card, and it will accept any uk postcode, but not the greek postcode, so the customer cannot proceed with their order. In the screen shot, the Enter a valid postcode appears before the pay by card button is pressed, and infact the pay by card button cannot be pressed until a postcode in UK format is entered.