Post order attributes

We are looking to issue our own Gift Card solution via Square and need to be able to do an API call on completion of a successful transaction with objects such as card token and so forth so we can activate the cards sold via our card management platform.

What would be the best way to perform this using Squares API / web hook functionality for in-store POS and online.

Ideally we’d be able to send and receive a response in realtime so we could print activation confirmation and receipt on the customer receipt of the sale.

By “card token” are you wanting to pass the gift card’s number or something, or how do you envision this working? You can of course create orders via the API to store items (in this case, a gift card), and then pay for it using the Payments API, and you’ll receive webhooks for each of those. I think I may be misunderstanding, so feel free to add some more context/clarification here.