POS system Questions

I read your API and would like to use your POS system. But I don’t know if it’s suitable for our own development, please see our requirements below:
Question 1, we have a robot arm that in charge of making the wine, we’d like to use your POS system to connect to our robot, here is the process: after got the payment from the POS, the robot will get informed by the API and start to make wine after receiving the order.
What I want to know is: do you have such an API interface for connecting our robot?
Question 2: If we use your API, then we have to use your POS system? If we don’t use your POS system, just use your API, will it work?

:wave: This is all possible with Square and our APIs. What region are you going to process payments in? If it’s in the US I’d recommend the Terminal API. You’ll be able to create itemized orders and process payments with the Terminal. Once the payment is complete you can get the results of the payment from our APIs or webhooks and make the order. :slightly_smiling_face: