Please introduce email notification for "subscription created" event

Request option to get email notification in case of “subscription created” event.

  • Why should people use this category? What is it for?
    As a merchant I need to take action in case a new subscription comes in. So I want a notification. That capability is not available now.

  • How exactly is this different than the other categories we already have?
    It is possible to get an email notification for every recurring payment on a subscription, this includes the 1st payment (I’m using that now). Using this to know about new subscriptions is very unpractical because it requires to memorise all existing subscriptions which becomes impossible when having 100+ subscriptions.

  • What should topics in this category generally contain?
    If taken up as a “category” it should notify on any change with a subscription. Strangely enough there already is an email notification in case a subscription is cancelled. In fact I think it is inconsistent that a cancellation has a dedicated notification (which in itself is highly appreciated) but a creation has not.
    In fact at this moment I think “creation” is the only missing event.

  • Do we need this category? Can we merge with another category, or subcategory?
    tbh, I have no idea with what setting the existing email notification of “subscription cancel” is triggered. It makes sense to simply add the “subscription creation notification” to whatever category is enabling the “subscription cancellation notification”.