Payments fail remotely (but work locally): POST is *not* being made to a squareup server


WARNING: Newbie here!:

Note: “.com” changed to “Xcom” to bypass bizarre link restriction :-(:

I have successfully setup a working payment page (sandbox & production) on my local pc.

But I can’t get it to work on my actual server (OmnipotenceSoftwareXcom/wpc_order.htm):

I built (npm install) on a linux PC in directory “/omnipotencesoftwareXcom”.
Also changed the port to 80.
All works fine at localhost/wpc_order.htm
So far, so good.

I then uploaded these files to OmnipotenceSoftwareXcom:
node_modules (incl all subfolders)

But when i attempt to make a $1 purchase (which works locally), it fails.
This is because the POST is being made to my server (inst of a squareup server):
So I assume/hope that I simply need to denote the proper host in the url.
If so, what should the host be ?

If not, what am i doing wrong ?
Is there something “special” that the npm server is doing (locally) that my web server is not ?


Hi @MarkGilmore welcome to the forums!

It looks like that page doesn’t exist, which it does need to exist. I’m guessing it’s something about npm/node; does your server host provider support running Node? It looks like this is a Wordpress site, so if it’s hosted by Wordpress, as far as I know they rely on PHP (not Node.JS), so you may need to convert the code into PHP (though I’ll admit that I’m not very familiar with Wordpress). The Payments can work with any backend language, but we only have the walkthrough in Node.JS; it doesn’t need to be in Node, though.

this is the page:

i have no idea if it’s running node - i’ll try to find out.
the host is, btw

i am not using wordpress - i wrote the html manually


Looks like it’s possible via dreamhost to get npm running, but you may need to install it yourself. See here: and possibly this too:

thanks much for the effort - this is what i was just reading!

if can get npm installed, i assume i do not run “npm start”.

sorry for my total lack of understanding.
i just don’t have the time to learn how all this works.
i’m just looking for a quick/simple way of accepting payments.


I’m by no means an expert on hosted servers, but yes, you should need to run npm start in a terminal window. I believe doing npm start & will make it continue running even after the terminal window has closed.

Just FYI if you want a simpler payment through Square, we do offer Square Checkout Links, which does not require coding at all.

you’re a good man !

are these checkout links re-usable ?

Yep, you can create one for a random amount or a specific catalog item in your Square catalog, and the link will live as long as you want it to. Anyone can navigate to the link and pay using their credit/debit card.

that’s what i needed - you saved me much heartache!