Order Discount calculation

I want to understand order discount logic . But I dont understand.
before tax and after tax i get same item total. there is not diff.
I created 4 type of Discounts .
Why do I add discount item tax not change ?
Tax is inclusive.
$ & % discount after tax
$ & % discount before tax

How are you creating these orders? Is it with the API? Also do you have an example of an order that isn’t calculating discounts as per our documentation? :slightly_smiling_face:

I created from orders page. not API. just watch how it works. Could you explain how it calculated ?

Do you have two examples that are totaling the same when you expect them to be different? For example what items, discounts, and taxes are you applying. :slightly_smiling_face:

I just want to know. calculation Before and after discount type.
For example :
Cola 100$ and 18% inclusive tax .
Discount 10% before tax

price before tax = 100*100/118 = 84.75
add discount 84.75* 10% = 8.47
-Total = (84.75-8.47)+18%tax = 90

but discount value not 10$ it is 8.47 $

if watch customer side it 10$ . for corporation it is 8.47$ not 10$.
in my report i think it shows me 8.47$ discount value.
i think discount calculate to subtotal not total.

Do you have an example order_id where its not calculated correctly? :slightly_smiling_face:

I already add web craeted order photo and calculation. You can test it yourself. I just want to know Is it true and how do you calculate receipts ?