OkHttp - SameSite cookie update in 4.x?

I see that the OkHttp 5.0.0 alpha version has a change to support SameSite cookies. The latest 4.x version, 4.12.0, does not appear to have this change. Unless the 5.0.0 stable release is imminent, would it be possible to get that SameSite update available in a 4.x release?

Thanks for your help!

We appreciate your attention to the changes and updates we make.

We understand your request for the SameSite cookie support in the 4.x version of OkHttp. As of now, this feature is indeed part of the 5.0.0 alpha release. Our team is working diligently towards the stable release of OkHttp 5.0, and we are making sure that all new features, including SameSite cookie support, are stable and thoroughly tested before the official rollout.

Once the 5.0 stable is released, we will make sure to update the release notes with all the new features and improvements that have been implemented. We encourage you to keep an eye on our official release channels for the latest information. :slightly_smiling_face: