OAuth Connect API Examples - Python and Chalice

Has anyone succeeded in getting the OAuth connect-api examples for python and/or python-chalice-aws running on AWS? The process is MUCH more complex than the sparse developer notes indicates – I think its a Python - Chalice - Docker - CDK → Lambda stack with a lot of configuration in between. Honestly, I am lost and would be happy to code the entire flow myself in Python if I could just link the Square libs to my Lambda code. Can anyone help?

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Based on the information you’ve provided, the following documentation will help answer your question:

Additional Documentation

Using the Square Python SDK
OAuth Walkthrough: Test Authorization with Web Server
Configure the Order-Ahead Sample Application

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I am developing a web app on AWS and I was hoping that intergrating Square into my Lambdas would be easy but I am struggling. I am a longtime Square user as a vendor – I want to use Square in this new software venture – I am willing to pay for help and would be happy to integrate a 3rd party solution. Getting the sample code to work was torture.


DO NOT run out of the box – you must manually edit the Python 3.8 libs or they both throw errors.


To fix, remove allowed_methods=retry_methods from http_client initializations

But even when I finally got them to work - I realized I don’t need them. I need the kind of solution found in

To sign up a seller I need to implement:





and for the buyer I need:


Chalice and Flask and Square itself all have to be imported into my lambdas. I cannot even get a successful Docker deployment to AWS. I am in configuration hell. Docker is inscrutable. It’s a big disappointment in 2023 that this is so arcane.

Are there any resources for developers like me? Are there any software packages that provide the glue? Can you help me?