NodeJS Square SDK package deprecation

NOTICE: Square Connect Node.js SDK deprecated

How drastic will the changes be for the new NodeJS SDK coming later this year? I am about to start building a backend based mostly around Square and was originally going to write it NodeJS, but I see a deprecation message on the Square NodeJS SDK readme on GitHub. Will it be worth creating a NodeJS app with this library now or should I use another SDK like Python’s? Any feedback is welcome! It would be nice to be able to see the beta of the NodeJS SDK if possible.

Bump, because I’m in the same position. I’m about 2/3s of the way through developing the backend in node.js and want to know if I need to start redeveloping it.

Apologies for the delay here. Unfortunately, the truth is the changes will be quite dramatic. We’re still expecting a release in Q4 of this year, but it would require a lot of changes in the codebase to migrate over. Note that while the current SDK will technically be retired, it is just an HTTP wrapper around our APIs and will not actually stop working, it just will not receive any updates or new features etc.

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Do you happen to know the expected release/beta date? Thank you for your reply on this!

I do not have a hard date - but we expect to open up a beta in mid-Q4 this year.

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Just an update, the Node.js SDK beta has been released and is ready to use. :ship: