.net API version 28.0.0

Hi all

When using the Square .NET API when we make the following call in version 28.0.0 the application hangs and never leaves the method:

RetrieveCustomerResponse result = apiInstance.RetrieveCustomer(customerId);

When we roll back to a previous version the method works as expected. Anyone else had the issue?


Would you mind providing the snippet of code that your experiencing this with? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey @Bryan-Square it is just the line of the code I put above:

RetrieveCustomerResponse result = apiInstance.RetrieveCustomer(customerId)

When we roll back to a previous version it works, on the latest version the method hangs and never completes.


I haven’t been able to reproduce this. Do you have any additional steps to reproduce? :slightly_smiling_face:

We didn’t really do anything special. Just updated to the latest SDK using NuGet. We were on 25.1.0 and upgraded to the latest version 28.0.0.

The method works in 25.1.0 but hangs indefinitely for later versions. Works fine again when we roll back to this version using NuGet. Doesn’t work when we try and upgrade to 25.2.0 either so the last SDK that works on our project is 25.1.0. Guessing it’s probably an issue in our project then but seems odd.

I can try on a blank project and see if it works with the latest SDK. If that doesn’t work I could send our ApplicationId and see if there is an issue there?

Did you also update the other dependencies for the application? There may have been a dependency change from 25 to 28 that’s causing this. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Bryan-Square yep all our other libraries in our solution are now the very latest versions except now Square

Hi @Bryan-Square we are still experiencing the same issue, upgrading from 25.1.0 to 26.0.0 and above, any call to Square freezes/locks IIS and VS.
I can create a completely blank web project with nothing in it except the Square API, debug the application in localhost, make any call to Square and it freezes.
If I use a Windows Console Application upgrading from 25.1.0 to 26.0.0 and above it works correctly so suggests this is some issue running the API on a local web server.
Just an assumption but the library APIMatic.Core was used in the upgrade from 25.1.0 to 26.0.0, could it be something to do with this library?

I also added this comment to the thread here that appeared to be having the same issue: