Need help with storing European card details

Hi, my company is in Europe (primarily UK) and we’re looking to replace Worldpay/FuturePay with Square. Our workflow would be:

  • we already have customer account on our system
  • we create a Customer record in Square
  • we prompt for card details, with intent=STORE, and include verifyBuyer function for SCA
  • we’d then like to bill those stored card details every month (amount varies) or at random times (when customer buys something on our system). Many of these purchase events would be unattended by the logged-in-customer, so they would not be available to interactively confirm charges

Is this a workflow that will work? If so, what is the best tutorial for me to follow as a developer? (I’ve previously integrated with Square for one-time payments using SqPaymentForm but I understand that’s deprecated & I need (maybe) Web Payments SDK, but I’m not seeing docs/tutorials purely for storing card details – they’re all for one-off payments.) I’m happy to pay for help from anyone who has done this before. If Square or SCA won’t allow us to bill customer cards on our own schedule for variable amounts, that would be helpful to know too.

:wave: With the Web Payments SDK quickstart there are several examples that will help you with your integration. As you mentioned you’ll nee to save the card on file with the intent=STORE. When you need to charge the card on file you’ll want to set the intent to CHARGE. Here is our example of charging a card with SCA.

Also since the amounts and time of month you bill your customer varies you’d have to manage job that process the payments at the correct time and amount. Our Subscription API doesn’t currently have that functionality. We’re constantly working to improve our features based on feedback like this, so I’ll be sure to share your request to the API product team. :slightly_smiling_face: