Multiple payment methods for single order

Hi everyone,

Please excuse the noobish question - I’m new to development using Square.

I’m currently tasked with researching the feasibility and level of effort for upgrading our ecommerce site from using SqPaymentForm to Web Payments SDK.

I’m trying to determine if it will be possible to accept multiple payments to pay for a single order. For example, we have a use case where our customers might use a Square gift card to pay for $10 of a $20 order, and pay the remainder using a credit card.

I would think that it would be possible using the Payments API to create multiple payments, all associated w/the same order, but as I said I’m new to Square and I’ve got a lot of learning to do.

I’d appreciate any insight you can provide.


:wave: Yes, you can definitely add multiple payments to an order. You can set accept_partial_authorization too true. If set to true and charging a Square Gift Card, a payment might be returned with amount_money equal to less than what was requested. For example, a request for $20 when charging a Square Gift Card with a balance of $5 results in an APPROVED payment of $5. You might choose to prompt the buyer for an additional payment to cover the remainder or cancel the Gift Card payment. This field cannot be true when autocomplete = true. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the reply, Bryan!