Multiple Gift Card API flow

Scenario: A customer wants to purchase 4 gift cards $25/each for a total of $100.

Step 1: Using the Square In-app payments package in Flutter I’m requesting a payment nonce for a total amount of $100.

Step 2: Send the payment nonce to my server-side payment nodejs script for securely processing to my square application id.

Step 3 (This is where I’m stuck): Using the gift card api how do I send a request 4 separate $25/each gift cards using the payment nonce in step 1 so that I can get 4 gift cards from the gift cards api? Or is this not possible to split up a payment nonce between multiple gift cards?

Hi @Zelfapp, welcome to the forums! :wave:

If you want to use a single $100 payment for 4 gift cards, you can create an Order for 4 different $25 gift cards, then load them using the Gift Cards API.