Migrate from Renew to Refresh OAuth Tokens API Version

I am reading through the migration guide for migrating from renew to refresh tokens. From my understanding, I need to pass refresh tokens to the ObtainToken endpoint using migration_token as grant_type in order to get back new access tokens and refresh tokens for this migration.

The migration guide states that my square app must use API version 2019-03-13 or later here. However, the ObtainToken description states grant_type can only be migration_token if you’re using an old version of the Square APIs (prior to March 13, 2019). Isn’t this contradicting the migration guide since the guide states 2019-03-13 or later whereas the endpoint specifies earlier that 2019-03-13? Which is correct?

When you call ObtainToken with a token that doesn’t have a refresh token when migrating over you’ll set the grant_type to migration_token to generate the refresh_token. Once you have the refresh_token there’s no need to call ObtainToken with a grant_type of migration_token again. :slightly_smiling_face: