Library not loaded: CorePaymentCard.framework CorePaymentCard

I’m implementing the SquareInAppPaymentsSDK via pod, pod install successfully, but when I run the application, the app crash at the starting page, due to the below reasonLibrary not loaded: @rpath/CorePaymentCard.framework/CorePaymentCard
Referenced from: <9CBFF902-6672-33E7-A883-8A5A47C75573> CoreSimulator/Devices/45B992FB-59B1-48F1-9360-C53DA4679F45/data/Containers/Bundle/Application/44AE42FB-83B3-42CC-A29A-7031D9833C95/Kibrann

Does anyone know which things i have missed to implement this library

Have you added the setup script that we ship with InAppPaymentSDK should clean up the nested folder? :slightly_smiling_face: