It's possible to deposit money back to the user account?

Hello All,

I am creating a Application in which student pay the amount for Quiz. If he wins, he will get the double money. Is this possible to deposit money back to the student account?

Swatantra Bhargava

Hi @koolswans welcome to the forums!

Unfortunately this is not currently possible. The best thing you could do would be refund the amount, but you wouldn’t be able to send more than that. This is mainly because the customer’s (or buyers) do not have Square accounts, so there’s no way to send money to them directly. I’ll update this to be a feature request for now, thanks for sharing!

Hi @sjosey,

Thanks for your reply. Is it possible to fetch student’s Bank account details through Mobile number? If Yes, can we send money to their mobile number?

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Swatantra Bhargava

No, this is not possible either unfortunately.