Issue : processing_fee_money.amount returning 0 for all card transactions since Dec 7 2022

Hi there :slight_smile:

Endpoint : POST /v2/orders/search

I’m having trouble getting the cards fees using the processing_fee_money field, the amount is 0 whereas payments are done using cards, and the queries on the API are done days later (I’ve read in the doc that it can take up 10s for this field to be populated once created)

I create reports every day and did not noticed the issue before. After a quick investigation I have normal fees amounts reported accurately until Dec, Mon 6 2022 then it breaks after for my locations (these are retail stores, with most physical orders and very few online orders)

I’ve tried with the latest version of the API but also with an older one (2020-12-16) and get the same wrong results for orders after Dec 6 2022. The issue seems to be in the data

Please note that some of my orders still have a fee amount but basically 99% of them do not have one anymore

There is an example of one order.tender object where the processing_fee_money field is reported:

{ id: ‘5MIWPQimpJY7in77bNyyvCCspnUZY’,
location_id: ‘ET6W9SFRNS78Q’,
transaction_id: ‘ViEf6I0iiknMk7JtYjwoZuV3RzUZY’,
created_at: ‘2022-12-07T13:16:31Z’,
amount_money: { amount: 490, currency: ‘USD’ },
type: ‘CARD’,
{ status: ‘CAPTURED’,
{ card_brand: ‘VISA’,
last_4: ‘6240’,
fingerprint: ‘sq-1-LQoHuWTQxGkegFzq81XUt89g9XIb0ZmbDT3XLeZQa88zSp4Zd77gZz2h9XjqZznDcw’ },
entry_method: ‘KEYED’ },
payment_id: ‘5MIWPQimpJY7in77bNyyvCCspnUZY’,
processing_fee_money: { amount: 0 } }

In the cas above the regular user UI is reporting the correct amount : " $4.33 Transferred
Fees: Tapped 2.60% + $0.10 ($0.22)"

Please reach out if more details are needed to resolve the on-going issue


I’m checking with the team however the source of truth for the processing fee is really with the Payments API processing_fee. :slightly_smiling_face: