Is there anyway to generate a "mock order" through Square Dashboard and look it up through Orders API and Payment Webhook?


We are trying to place a real order through our own Square Dashboard, and see how our order looks like using the Webhook (to source order id) and Orders API. We thought about publishing our own Square website (mock website), and one of our team members order through that website, and the other team member looks at the Orders API and see what happens. But, we are afraid of some innocent person pays through our published website while we are doing this test? Is there anyway to block this happening? or is there a even better way without even publishing an online website and get orders placed?

Currently there isn’t a way to create mock orders with the Square Online Store without paying for an order. You can alway refund the orders when you’re done testing. Or you can use the API Explorer to CreateOrder then pay for that order using the Payments API with a CASH tender. :slightly_smiling_face:

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…Or, hear me out here, you could then contact the client who “accidentally” ordered through your system while you were testing, and thank them profusely, explain the situation, kindly reward them for providing additional data, and fulfill their order to the best of your ability, and show them appreciation.

Just a thought.