Is there any ways to check if a customer id is formed when the store owner registers a customer's info (e.g., email) through the Square Dashboard?

We are wondering what happens in the back-end when a store owner adds a customer’s info through their usual front-end entry points (e.g., Square Register, online Square Dashboard, etc.). For now, we are particularly interested in if a “customer id” is “automatically” generated whenever a store owner registers a customer info through their Square Register or Dashboard. Since I am not a shop owner (I am a developer), I don’t own a Square Register device. So, instead, I made my own Dashboard account, and tried registering my own info as a customer info of my store, but in the Dashboard, I couldn’t really see anything like “customer id”. We are developing an app that uses customer id to identify an order associated with certain customer, so if there is any way to figure this out, it would be great.

Best, Taemin Kim

Yes, if a customer is created in the POS a customer profile will be generated with a customer_id. The customer_id isn’t shown in the Dashboard however it’s returned with the Customers API. :slightly_smiling_face:

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