Checking status of an order via ORDER API from a vendor who had previously registered with our platform. Updated the vendor to include ORDERS_READ via OAuth and confirmed the permission was added.

Receiving INSUFFICIENT_SCOPES Error when checking order id.

endpoint: /v2/orders/{order_id}
application id: sq0idp-e7ix3o_0YX1bs-3_vik4tg
location id: KPQTW1GNTGPNT

Hi @chefbryan welcome to the forums!

I’m not seeing that error for that application id or the location id. Do you have anymore information, or can you share an exact request? I tested with your latest authorization and that location and was able to successfully call SearchOrders.

Found the issue. When we updated the permissions with the vendor we weren’t capturing the new auth token with the updated permissions generated from the OAuth link. We incorrectly thought the refreshed auth token (from the original refresh token we captured) would include the new permissions. All set. Thanks!

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