I want to display error messages in Japanese

I want to display an error message for the user if the user’s credit card payment fails.
I believe the API response ("detail") is available as an error message.

for example:

{"errors": [{
  "code": "VALUE_TOO_LOW",
  "detail": "total requested amount 1 is below the minimum allowed",

But this is in English.
I need to display messages in Japanese.
Is there a way to make this Japanese?

I expect that it may be solved by setting the language setting to “Japanese” on this page.
However, due to the sandbox environment, I cannot know the password to change the settings.

Thank you very much.

Hey @kimura! There is not currently a way to change the language of the API errors. We encourage you to handle errors in the response by creating a customer-facing message, rather than displaying the error directly in your app.

Thank you for the quick reply.
Understood, I will do so!

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