I-131 Biometrics fee and payment method question?

I was filling out the re-entry form permit and had a question, Do I add the biometric fee in the check when I mail them the form or do I pay the biometrics fee at the fingerprinting site?

I’ve also noticed that my payment would go to the phoenix address (USCIS Phoenix Lockbox) and they accept the G-1450 form. Is it better to just fill out that information with my card info and let them fill out the amount and avoid mailing a check all together?

:wave: I believe you have the wrong forum for re-entry permit forms. Do you have any Square related questions? :slightly_smiling_face:

@ Bryan-Square this is not a related question?

then can you please suggest me a platform.?

Hi @emmawade, this forum is specifically for developers building applications with Square’s APIs. I’m afraid I don’t know anything about re-entry form permits or biometrics fees, or where the best place to go for assistance with those would be. Sorry, I can’t be of assistance!