How to know payment goes to specific location?

In payment api we are adding locationId as parameter, but how we can assure that specific payment was received by that particular locationId or not?
Is there anyway to debug that? because in Transaction it was written that “Collected at: Oakland Treatmobile” but not able to see balance of Oakland Treatmobile.


Every payment you make with the Payments API will return response. The response will have the location_id that you passed in or the location_id of where the payment went to if no location_id was passed in or it wasn’t configured correctly. You can use that to verify where the payment went. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Bryan,
Thanks for the response. Yes I can see the locationID in response. But I want to check if there is any wallet where payment will go after successful payment and after that it will go to respective bank,
or I will get any status in payment that payment is successfully transferred to locations bank account.

With Square’s account model funds can only be transferred to the linked bank or debit card. There isn’t any wallet transfers. You can use the Bank Accounts API to identify the bank that’s associated to the location and the Payouts API to track all transfers. :slightly_smiling_face: