How to get the customers who has email != null?

I need to fetch the customers who has email != null, for that I am trying to use the search customer API. And at the time of applying the email filter there is fuzzy filter which can accept the regex. I have tried many different regex to get all the customer where email != null but it is giving only few customers whose email is not null. Can you advise on the optimal regex for this fuzzy filter to capture all customers where email != null, or suggest an alternative approach to achieve the same?

The Square SearchCustomers fuzzy filter is designed to match approximate or similar values based on the input string, rather than acting as a full regular expression (regex) engine. As such, it might not be the best tool for filtering customers where the email is not null.

The fuzzy filter is useful for situations where you might have slight variations or misspellings in customer data, but it’s not designed to perform complex queries like checking for non-null values.

At this time the Square API does not support direct querying for non-null values using regex or similar methods. You would need to fetch all customers and then filter them on the client side. :slightly_smiling_face: