How to get product URL through API call?

I want to get product image and product URL. I able to get product image using retrieveCatalogObject. But not able to get product URL. Is there any API for get product URL. I am using PHP. Thanks

Hi @pngprakash, welcome to the forums! :wave:

Are you referring to the product URL on your site, or where to find the details of a product on your seller dashboard?

The Catalog API does not have a way to return the URL of the product on your site. However, if you’re looking for the URL of the item details on your dashboard, it can be found by appending the item ID to the end of the items library URL:{Item ID}

I want storefront product details URL. I want to show product details in my page. When click the product details it should go to Square product details page.

This is my shipment tracking page. When click the product it should go to Square storefront product details

:wave: If you are looking for a link to put on your site that will allow your customers to purchase items you can use Checkout Links. :slightly_smiling_face: