How to create payout

Hi.I have `
refresh_token, merchant_id access_token information of the seller and is it possible to pay my seller via API?

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OAuth API Overview
Payments Requirements

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How the payment to the seller continues is not here. I want to make payments to my sellers’ square accounts from my own square account using the square API.

No, it’s not possible to directly pay a seller via Square’s APIs. The access token you have allows your application to call Square APIs on behalf of the seller, such as processing payments from customers, managing orders, or accessing other business data, but it doesn’t provide a mechanism to transfer funds to the seller. Payments to the seller are handled by Square separately, based on the transactions processed through their account.

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thanks. Is there any way I can pay my sellers?

At this time there isn’t any available ways to pay out to sellers. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for your help