How do I find the merchants Square API key for integration?

How do I find the merchant Square API key for integration? I’ve asked the restaurant (my merchant in this case) for it and they can’t find it anywhere on their dashboard.

We want to send food delivery orders directly to square POS and need this API key.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

:wave: With Square you’ll want to have your customer get their API application information by:

  1. Go to their Developer Dashboard .
  2. Click on + New Application .
  3. Name the application and click on Create Application .

We’ll auto-generate the information needed for integration. The Location ID(s) for your Square account can be found in the Locations tab of your Developer Dashboard.

Please note that you may need to switch between “Sandbox” and “Production” with the toggle at the top of the page, depending on the context and your credentials are different for each environment. :slightly_smiling_face:

Is the merchants dashboard the same thing as developers dashboard? The merchant only had one dashboard where they were able to process orders and see transaction history.

The Developer Dashboard is different from the Merchant Seller Dashboard where they see all the orders and payments. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you very much for the help.

So, just to get this straight:

I should go to the merchant and tell them to setup a developers dashboard. Complete the steps you instructed to get their API key so we can enter it in on our square Developers dashboard in order to integrate? Correct?

Also, how will they be able to link their merchants dashboard with their developers dashboard? Do they have to register to developers dashboard with the same email address on their merchants dashboard?

Last thing, I did a test on our developers dashboard to see if I can generate a key and this is the number I got. Is this a correct api key?

Sandbox for sq0idp-NzqABCs4QZvfxd7c5sXiJw

Thank you again for your help.


Is your integration built specifically for this merchant or will your integration be used by many merchants?

It will be integrating with many merchants.

Okay, then Square’s OAuth API will be what you’ll use to let Square merchants authorize your application. Before you get started, please visit Square’s Developer Doc for more information about our OAuth API. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello Bryan,

I really appreciate your help with this.

I read the doc on OAuth API.

Please tell me if l have this correct:

  1. We need to go to our Merchants and tell them to go to their Seller Dashboard and add the Developers Dashboard to it as well.
  2. Ask the Merchant to add us as an Application on their Developers Dashboard.
  3. Merchant should go to the OAuth section in their Developers Dashboard and give us their production ID and Token.
  4. We save their IDs and Tokens on our platform.
    Do l have this right?

Thank you,


With OAuth you don’t need to have your customer go to the Developer Dashboard and provide your credentials. Instead you’ll create a link using the Authorize endpoint with the scope your application will need.

Once your customer clicks on the link and authorizes your application you’ll be given a code in the redirect_url that you’ll use to call ObtainToken. In the ObtainToken response will be the access_token and refresh_token which you’ll securely store in your database and use to make requests to Square on behalf of your customer. :slightly_smiling_face: