How can I retrieve page number of POS Payment?

I want to send data to my specific “Label Printer” when customer use POS make an order. I expect some items to be printed by square printer and some by “Label Printer”: square receipt will be given to customer while label will be sent to kitchen.

In this case, the “Label Printer” should get the same page number as which is printed on square receipt, in order to match the correct customer. However I cannot find this number anywhere in payment(v1) or order

Is it created by local? Is it possible to get such page number?

Looking forward to your reply, it is very important to our square integration.

Hi @wsdzy welcome to the forums!

You should be able to set up categories and have different printers print certain categories, within the POS application. Please take a look at our Printing to Multiple Printers doc.

As for the last part, I’m not sure what page number you’re referring to? Could you provide an example of what you mean?

Hi sjosey,

We already used categories to determine the destination where our data goes. What we want to know is how to get a page number. The page number is numerical numbers printed on receipt by square printer after customer completing payment on POS. When food is ready, the cashier would call this number to find right customer or send food to correct table.

You can turn page numbers on in the POS options under “printer station” called “Auto-Assign Ticket Numbers”. If you’re asking how to retrieve this number via the APIs, there is not a way - the APIs know nothing about printers at this time, unfortunately.