How can I prevent users submit a card that is declined more than 3 times

I see a pattern that there is a user who keep submitting a credit card payment that is being declined. A bad card was tried more than 10 times in 5 min. How can I prevent that while we are using Suareup Payment SDK. Help please.

:wave: Square doesn’t have a way that will limit the number of attempts for processing a payment. You could definitely build and add that logic to your integration. :slightly_smiling_face:

The reason I am asking is because when I called your CS Department the agent told me the reason your account is deactivated is because a stolen card was used on my site and got declined about 10 times. Because of that system deactivated my account. I am trying to see what is the best way to prevent something lie this to happen.

Depending on how your customer checks out there are a few ways that you can accomplish this. For example you could set autocomplete to false and once the payment is authorized you can check the RiskEvaluation to determine if you want to CancelPayment or CompletePayment.

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Found lots of info in this post thanks for sharing this keep it up.