Have a way to verify if the Terminal is up and ready to take payment without doing a checkout (ping?)

We currently have the Square Terminal implemented in several self-checkout kiosks for campuses and cafeterias. For a kiosk solution like ours we perform a HW verification step that occurs when the kiosk application reboots, this is to validate that all peripherals, including the Square Terminal are working properly and notify the customer in case of a malfunction (if Square Terminal is not working we ping a Slack channel for tech support to troubleshoot)

At the moment the only way to check if the terminal is up and ready for payment is by doing a “fake” checkout, but this creates a few problems, we go in more detail in this post - Please find details here:

It would be great if there was way to make a call just to know the status of the terminal, like a Ping.

Thanks again for the work you guys are doing in this product.

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Also super keen for this.