Getting error in card hydrate API

Hey there!

I am using sandbox environment for testing card payments by using sandbox credentials in angular …but getting error :
HttpRequestNetworkError: Network error during request (attempts=3; duration=2612ms; url=

crrently using :

In short i am not getting the input fields to put card data.

Hey @ayush_v! Can you tell me a bit more about you’re making this API request? Are you able to successfully make the request using something like API Explorer or Postman?

I am not making this request manually in my code…it runs when card is initialize by square backend, i think it is for input fields of card details like : card number, CVV, exp date and all.

Nope…its not working in Postman also.

Gotcha, sorry I didn’t catch that this was about Web Payments SDK! Is the site you are adding this to live somewhere that I can investigate this on my own browser? If so, feel free to message me directly with the link if that’s preferable.

Nope ! the application is not live yet.

this is the payment screen :

here i am not getting any input filed to enter the card details…that fields generated by previously mentioned API…and currently that API is not working for sandbox environment.

this is the payload of the API:

I am getting the same error which is occurring here in your reference page…please check it in console of the browser.

Please let me know the solutions ASAP !

If you’re getting this error on the Web Payments SDK reference page as well, it sounds like this may be an issue localized to your browser. Can you try the following and see if the error persists?

  • Clear browser cookies
  • Disable extensions
  • Open the page in a different browser
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It is working but i have to connect to VPN…Why it’s working only on few IPs

What’s your location? :slight_smile:

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

The issue is only with sandbox environment

Okay, whats your IP address? :slight_smile:

This is the IP:

Thank you! Are there any console errors? I’ve reached out to the team about this. :slight_smile:

Also what are the for URLs for the form page and timestamps you tried to access it so our team can dig in, and if possible, cloudflare ray IDs from response headers? :slight_smile: