Domain is misconfigured for Apple Pay

Consider this case, I have two merchants/seller (A, B) on my platform. They configured their own Paypal payment accounts and Square payment accounts under their platform accounts. When a customer buy a ticket from merchant A then merchant A will receive its amount in their Paypal account. Same will be for merchant B. Because they configured their own Paypal account. For Square Apple pay also, they will configure their own separate account as well. But here whose account will be used to verify the domain. Site owner will remove his account after successfully integrating the account and merchant will configure their own account settings. But they are separate then who will verify the domain with his account?

Regardless of the seller its your application that has the domain verified to use Apple Pay. Now that your domain is verified you can use the OAuth access token to process Apple Pay payments for multiple sellers on that domain. There is no additional verification that needs to take place. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you Bryan, this case has been sorted out.

But we have one more concern.

We have integrated Square Stripe and Square Apple Pay both on our platform. Now we have found that we can keep a same verification file under .well-known folder for different Square Apple pay accounts and all merchant can verify their accounts using this. But for Square Stripe, the verification file name is same as Apple pay verification file but their contents are different. So how we can place both files under .well-known folder to get verified both Stripe and Apple Pay merchants?