DeletePaymentLink not working properly sometimes


We are using the delete payment link api endpoint, when a user wants to cancel the payment session. It’s usually works, but sometimes doesn’t work as expected. We get HTTP 200 OK to the DELETE api call, but the response doesn’t contain the order id, only the payment link id. After this the payment link is still alive, the order is still in PROPOSED state. In this cases we can call the DELETE payment link endpoint multiple times, we always get the same answer.
What we noticed: its always happens when failed payment happened.

How can we delete the payment link in these cases?

Do you have a link you called DELETE on? I haven’t been able to replicate. Also given our recent issue it may have effected this. Are you able to continuously replicate this issue? :slight_smile:

I could replicated myself, but it happened a few times in the last weeks.
Here is one:
DELETE /v2/online-checkout/payment-links/46RA5EHBMYYPAVX4
Order id: FWOZ6jyXFNvbtwWOk1GFN8smb9OZY

Thank you.

Thanks for the example. I see it in the logs and have reached out to the team. :slight_smile: