Customizing OAuth Consent Page Appearance


Is it possible to customize the appearance of the OAuth consent page?

Specifically, I’m interested in adding a logo for our app and maybe some very brief copy reiterating the purpose of our app. (It would also be great to add some primary color accents.)

Right now on the consent page, just above the message “[my app] wants to access your Square Account”, there’s just a gray gear icon. Is it possible to replace that with the logo?

Thank you!

Hi @zach welcome to the forums!

Unfortunately there is no way to customize that page at this time. I’ll update this to be a feature request so our PMs can take note.

Thank you!

For us, the highest priority would be:

  • to replace the settings icon with our company logo.

Nice to haves would be:

  • Add a small amount of static copy to the page
  • Customize the primary/secondary color accents for buttons/background

Just wondering - is there any way to know whether this feature request makes it on to the development roadmap? (i.e. should I expect a reply on the forum?)