CreateTerminalCheckout reference_id and SearchOrders

CreateTerminalCheckout is working like a champ here but the supplied reference_id is not seen in the SearchOrders response payload. Those sales that are generated from our WooCommerce online store do have a reference_id and it is set to a string.

Well, that’s not fair. :smiley:

       var checkout = new TerminalCheckout.Builder(amountMoney: amountMoney, deviceOptions: deviceOptions)

:wave: The reference_id that’s set in the CreateTerminalCheckout won’t be in the order object. It’s an optional user-defined reference ID that can be used to associate a TerminalCheckout to another entity in an external system. For example, an order ID generated by a third-party shopping cart. The ID is also associated with any payments used to complete the checkout. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok, I have a workaround - I think.
Hold my beer.