Clarifying requirements for a simple card payment form

Hi all

I’m new to square and I just want to check my options.

I have very simple requirements for a form that I want to embed on our website. The form will just accept the obvious credit card types, no other payment methods. It would need to work with prices that are pre-defined and handled likely in PHP being parsed to the page/Square.

I’ve been reading the example posted by Square here. That uses node.js.

So my simple question is,; do i have to have node.js installed on my server to use this or is there an alternative integration method ?

Thanks for any input,

Hi @adamSquare welcome to the forums!

The sample uses Node.js, but you can definitely use any language you like, including PHP! We actually have a payment form sample built in PHP here: Any language that can work with Javascript for the front end, and any language that can do HTTP requests for the backend will work fine :slight_smile:. Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns, I’m happy to help!

Hi @sjosey really appreciate your response. I will have a go at implementing the PHP version, all looks pretty simple. I will respond if any issues.