Check if card is supported for a specific region in front-end


I was searching for a way to know whether the card which user inputs in the square payment form is supported or not. I think I found one. cardNonceResponseReceived

I read that, cardNonceResponseReceived receives a nonce error, of type UNSUPPORTED_CARD_BRAND but I am not receiving it.

I checked the Location ID in front and back-end, it’s the same.
However, I am not receiving this nonce error.

What I did was Use a Card of type China Unionpay which is not supported for Australia Country.

I did not receive the nonce error on the front-end, even not while adding the card to the customer, I received the error createPayment was called.

I was hoping, I could get this error via square payments form.

Please let me know is there any other way and why am I not receiving the error response in cardNonceResponseReceived callback function.

I double-checked with the Payment Form team, and you are understanding this correctly. Unfortunately the Payment Form does not check the validity of the brand along with the local location_id; it only would determine if the brand is completely unsupported by Square globally. You’re also correct that you would find out once you made the CreatePayment request.

For now, I’ll update this to be a feature request so the PMs can see and take action as needed.

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