Change subscription customer to a different payment credit card via API

We handle monthly yoga memberships using a hand built web interface. Current problem.

Customer subscribes with Card A. Card A is entirely valid, OK expiration date, etc
Customer gets new different Card B with perks (fly miles)
Customer wants next billing to use Card B instead of Card A

Is there an API method for the customer to change billing to Card B?

NOTE: We specialize in yoga for boomers, and have provided a super-simple subscription interface. Asking our customers to navigate some built in Square-based web forms is not desirable. We have a one-button “cancel subscription” method that is much simpler than navigating Square, and when things get confusing, they use the very attractive Cancel button. Since cancelled subscriptions stay valid until end of payment period, they typically “put off” resubscribing until Never. Instead of being a Current Subscriber with a shiny new card, they are now a Former Subscriber. Not pretty.

For our own data management it would be very preferable not to end up with customer with one (or more) cancelled subscription record and entirely new, different subscription records with every card change.

FYI, boomers love to get new cards with bonus sign-up fly miles, etc., so this is an all too typical situation.

Are these subscriptions managed with the Subscriptions API? If so you can have the customer enter the new card information in the Web Payments SDK and call UpdateSubscription to change the card on file for that particular subscription. :slightly_smiling_face: