Can we add the wildcard domain for Apple Pay


We have more than 30 sub-domains under the * that want to enable the Apply Pay, for example, But we are not able to add the wildcard * the same way adding a normal subdomain. Do you have to way to support it?

Also, I saw there is an Apple Pay register API but its doc doesn’t tell how we add the verification file to those sub-domains.

Unfortunately, supporting wildcard domains isn’t available. Apple requires every domain to be validated and doesn’t support this. :slight_smile:

Ok, so is there a limitation of total domain we can register on Square per application? Also, can we use the same verification file for multiple subdomains we try to register?

No limit with the amount of verifications. Yes, you can use the same verification file for the subdomains. Just each domain will need to be verified. :slight_smile: