Call back page loads without processing payments

So I have a variable pay which is a "string type "returned value from a function. When I click payment button on my custom web app, square app opens, loads for a couple seconds then the callback page is called without showing the total or processing the transaction. Any idea why?

The callback link is the following https://…/callback.html?data=%7B%22error_code%22%3A%22amount_invalid_format%22%2C%22status%22%3A%22error%22%7D&fbclid=IwAR0XKA8j6sTXiVn77lDHPjYp8SB3Qj0zENDrMu1SIYCOK6sVqxoRLYBiAXE but the amount is a string! I have an alert code which returned typeof string, I am lost!

so, got it to show but for example on square the amount is different? so instead 270, it’s showing 294 on square, even though my alert is showing the right value

got it, it was the tax added atomically on square app

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